By spreading the idea that World Peace Is Possible across the globe we want to try to bring world peace another step closer. Please support us if you can by spreading this positive thought. For instance wear the t-shirt with our logo or please donate your contribution to the World Peace Is Possible foundation.

Marijke Helwegen & World Peace Is PossibleBob Sinclar & WPIPNicolette Kluijver & World Peace Is PossibleWPIP by Donnie GreveJudith Visser & World Peace Is PossibleMargot Kraneveldt-Van der Veen (PvdA) & Remy Poppe (SP) & WPIPSita Vermeulen & World Peace Is PossibleSGP & WPIPKids & WPIPKid @ India by Rob TjallinksPatty Brard & Jannes & World Peace Is PossibleFroukje de Both & World Peace Is PossibleEveron Jackson Hooi & World Peace Is PossibleManoj ThansiPeter Koelewijn & World Peace Is PossibleCharly Lownoise & Mental Theo, foto Marcus RoelofsGerda Havertong & World Peace Is PossibleParam Pranyog & WPIPDJ Bob Sinclar & World Peace Is PossibleMental Theo, foto Marcus RoelofsLPW & WPIP by Stephanie SantagadaHarm Jan Bloem & World Peace Is PossibleHarry LocoYoup van 't Hek & World Peace Is PossibleJandino Asporaat & WPIP

For special World Peace Is Possible items that are not for sale in our shop (eg baby- and kids shirts, colored shirts), please contact We will make you a customized proposal.

A set of 10 cards will be sent for € 2.50 and a larger number of cards will be sent for € 7.50


When your buy our products, we can spread the idea that  World Peace Is Possible further around the globe.

Pictures webshop: Annick Eyecatcher


   World Peace Is Possible Champion Campaign 2014

    Photo Sjaak Ramakers

The World Peace Is Possible foundation has especially designed orange t-shirts for the 2014 World Championship Football in Brazil. Our purpose is to spread the positive message: World Peace Is Possible worldwide. The orange shirts are designed out of biological cotton and are now for sale in our webshop. Several Dutch Public Figures are photographed while wearing this new orange t-shirt.
Note for the Press: we have more exclusive pictures available in high resolution quality.
WPIP Press and Communications contactperson:
Catharina van Staveren
phonenumber(+0031) 6 12855513

Because of the modern media we have become globally more interconnected. And because of this, it is now easier to spread the word about peace and make people more conscious that world peace could be a reality.

Help us by showing the World Peace Is Possible logo everywhere.